a credible custom residential and commercial contractor

Wirtanen scored the highest rating of our 2010 subcontractors. At the conclusion of our projects I have my project staff include a subcontract performance review and Wirtanen’s performance exemplified above average marks on all categories. We use the subcontractor performance summaries to aid in the choosing of future subcontractors on projects we bid, thus it is critical for the team to itemize strengths and weaknesses that may prove valuable in evaluating future subcontractors.
Wirtanen’s team on our Fort Yukon Airport Project did an impressive job of meeting the contract demands. We were thoroughly impressed with the planning and execution of Steven and Grant. They completed their portion of the work nearly 4 weeks ahead of schedule and we received comments from the owner that they had never seen a building contractor perform so well on a SREB before.
Critical to all remote Alaskan work is a sound understanding of the phases and tasks and hand to complete a project. Furthermore, a contractor must be able to plan, communicate, and execute in order to build a prosperous and viable business in this market. Wirtanen possesses all of these quintessential skills, and they top it all off with excellent owner and prime contractor relations.
Cruz Construction considers Wirtanen a valuable member of their construction team, and we look forward to building many more successful projects with them. I would highly recommend their services as a credible custom residential and commercial contractor.

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