affordable quality

Perhaps I’m biased to write a referral for Wirtanen Custom Homes, as I am a current employee. Either way I would like to express my gratitude towards both Steven and Grant for their time and guidance in building my first home.
If there is one thing that I should mention, it is that Steven has a keen and observant eye in this market with an uncanny ability to bring Custom Homes in under budget and still have a happy client base. With so many builders today cutting product and construction quality, Wirtanen Inc. has found a niche in the market that allows for affordable quality, which is a huge advantage over other builders. In closing, I would like to say that I feel Wirtanen Inc has the potential to satisfy any customer no matter the circumstances. Also, as part of the team at Wirtanen Inc., I would like to also express my own desire to take part in building your new home. We take pride in providing an energy efficient custom home that fits your needs.

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