an absolutely phenomenal experience

Wow, what an absolutely phenomenal experience from cradle to grave! I have to admit, that in general, my wife and I are quite picky and demand perfection. We knew that whoever we chose to build our dream home would have their hands full! So let me set the scene…

My wife and I were both retiring from the military and were stationed in Germany for our last assignment. We had purchased a plot of land a few years ago and had dreamt of building our dream home on it one day. As we neared retirement, it was time to start looking for custom home builders in the Palmer area. A quick Google search brought me to Wirtanen’s website and we found ourselves spending hours on it looking at the different houses, options and client testimonials. I emailed the Wirtanens through the website and received a quick reply from Steven (score one for the Wirtanens); if there’s one fast way to lose my business, just ignore my email. ? From the very beginning, Steven went above and beyond to earn our business. He even drove out to our land and took pictures and videos of the driveway we had installed from afar…we hadn’t even seen it yet. Keep in mind, this is BEFORE we signed with the Wirtanens to build our home. We then set up a Skype conference to start going over details and “met” Steven for the first time. My wife and I were both surprised as to how young he looked; do NOT let that fool you. We quickly learned that Steven was very experienced in the trade of custom home building. He was also very professional and after the conference, we knew we had chosen the right builder. Over the next few months, prior to our return to Alaska, we exchanged emails, text messages and phone calls developing plans and going over all the pre-build details that were needed. We wanted to hit the ground running as soon as we landed! After returning to Alaska, the smooth sailing continued as Arliss Wirtanen now enters the scene as our project manager. Again, super young looking with lots of experience and knowledge. Arliss was absolutely perfect throughout the entire building process and after. He listened to all of our suggestions and incorporated them if possible; if not, he would always make suggestions that were an excellent alternative. I want to share a common theme with everyone that happened during the building process. As most contractors do, the Wirtanens sub-contracted most of the manual labor such as framing of the house, roofing, plumbing, electrical…etc. Each and every sub-contractor that I talked to said that my wife and I made the right choice and that the Wirtanens’ were the best. “They don’t cut corners”, “They hold us to the highest standards” and “They demand perfection” were just some of the quotes from the sub-contractors. They were all right. After the house was done, Steven was not satisfied with the final grade (dirt work) around the house. Let me tell you, this man is a perfectionist. He took his own personal time after work and did all the work himself at NO CHARGE; he wanted to make sure that it was right and my wife and I were satisfied. That’s what I call good business… As I type up this testimonial , we have now lived in our dream home for 10 months and we couldn’t be happier; the Wirtanans are now part of our family. They continue to provide outstanding customer service just like they did throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Wirtanen Inc. to build ANYTHING.

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