quality, attention to detail, and professionalism

We are so happy that we went with Wirtanen Custom Homes. Going into building we had a floor concept that we already had in mind. Knowing that, we knew we didn’t want to go with a contractor that did not specialize in custom homes.
Before deciding to go with Wirtanen Custom Homes we also spoke with a couple of other independent contractors. Although we were impressed with their quality of building we did not want to worry about the hassle of taking out a building loan ourselves. With Wirtanen Custom Homes being able to carry the construction loan, it was one less step of the building process that we didn’t have to worry about. Also, we felt that Wirtanen Custom Homes was the only contractor that we met with that really stayed true to our original design without trying to push floor plans that they had built in the past.
We are greatly satisfied with the quality, attention to detail, and professionalism with Wirtanen Custom Homes. Their “standards” package already had built into it many features that other builders would consider as extras that we wanted incorporated into the house. Being a family with younger children, durability was a big priority to us. The quality of craftsmanship and product has certainly met our expectations.

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