The home is amazing

We highly recommend Wirtanen. My wife and I searched the market for a house that would accommodate my wife and kids along with an additional space for friends and family, to no avail. In our search, we walked through a ten year old Wirtanen home that seemed brand new…no creaks in the floors or stairs, and even temperatures throughout the home. The craftsmanship of this home led us to contact Wirtanen. From helping choose the land (walking properties and assessing the ground), through the complete design of the home, Wirtanen’s insight and know-how helped forge the house of our dreams. They kept us involved with every step of the build, and overcame every obstacle. If something didn’t look right to us or to them, they made it right. They also finished when they said they would. Furthermore, their up-to-date online scheduling let us know what and when our selections were due and relieved most of the stress you hear about amongst couples building a home. We’ve lived here a year now. The home is amazing. Our last place was almost half the size and cost more in heating and electric. Plus, we have a solid home that has zero cold spots in the winter and stayed amazingly cool during a very warm summer. My respect and appreciation for the Wirtanen clan knows no bounds. If you are in the market for a custom home, give Wirtanen a call.

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