we were extremely impressed

Wirtanen builds to custom fit your needs!
After accepting a job in the MatSu in 2007, we could not wait to search for a home and move out of Anchorage. To our surprise, we were not excited with the homes that were for sale on the market. In 2008, we decided to rent and shortly after that purchase our beautiful 5 acres near Hatcher Pass. We had been renting for 2 years with no progress on our land except for one bad experience with another potential builder. In the fall of 2009, we had our beautiful son, Zak and soon discovered that our small rental (500 sq ft with ladder to loft) was not ideal for our family consisting of Jeff, myself, Zak and two big dogs. Jeff was driving around the Matsu and saw Wirtanen signs near houses that were recently built. We were unsure if a ‘Custom Home’ builder would be willing to work with us because of our small, less than 2000 sq ft house plan. We were under the impression that a ‘Custom Home’ Builder built mansions with multiple garages, etc. After speaking with Steven on the phone and meeting him in person we were extremely impressed. We were excited that they could build our house within our budget, with the quality that we desired. And Wirtanen was an experienced, local, family run business that employed their staff year round. In January we signed our contract, and we were in our house in June of 2010! Thanks Wirtanen Clan!

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