You will immediately feel at home!

About a year ago my wife and I decided to start home shopping. We realized quickly that finding a home in our price range that fit our needs was going to take time and patience. Our search turned up a very short list of homes, most of which were inadequate due to size, age, or price. As a result, we decided to research local home builders. We were slightly nervous about this because of our inexperience and limited budget.
After a few calls to area builders, we decided to visit Wirtanen Inc., up on Lazy Mountain…
Long story short: After a couple meetings with Steven and a trip to the bank, we were on our way to a new home. We have been in our new place for three months now. A day has yet to pass that we are not consciously thankful for the comfortable, efficient, unique and beautiful home that Steven, Grant and the crew built for us. As I reflect, the comfort started the moment we walked into Steven’s design office, and continued through the land search, building and closing process. Because of Wirtanen’s obvious desire to meet our needs, we actually felt like friends were building our home. The value in their product is rooted in Wirtanen’s true commitment and pride in making the building process as stress free, affordable and simple as possible for the client. I urge anyone entering the housing market to call Steven and talk about it. He is a man of his word. You will immediately feel at home! Thank you so much Steven, Grant, and crew!

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