Energy Efficient

Being energy efficient isn’t just better for our pocket book. It’s also better for the longevity and durability of the home!

By using energy efficient insulation, economic heating systems, and fresh air ventilation procedures, we practice “The Whole House System” often resulting in utility costs less than half that of conventional homes!

Since 2003 when Polyseal Insulation LLC first arrived in Alaska, we have installed energy efficient spray-foam insulation in our homes – effectively completing The Whole House System. Spray-foam insulation offers a “controlled environment” living space, and significantly reduces air infiltration which accounts for 90% of the heat loss in an average home.

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“The entire house is insulated with a soy-based spray in foam. We did some research on it, and everything that is claimed about soy-based foam insulation is real. The house is incredibly quiet! There’s no sound in here. And this home is so efficient heat-wise, our heating bill is virtually nothing!”
Chad Carpenter

“Wow! I am REALLY impressed with the insulation! I have been able to keep 2400 sq. ft. of a slab warm with just a 2000 watt electric heater. This heater has kept it at a minimum of 40 degrees so far. Great product, and you have all been excellent to work with and very knowledgeable!”
Thank you again, Nathan May – Wasilla Alaska

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